Edzard Ernst comments on "Castle Treatments".

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Edzard Ernst comments on "Castle Treatments".

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Bioresonance cures addictions to alcohol, cocaine, crack, nicotine, heroin, opiates, cannabis, spice, legal highs and other medications? No, it doesn’t!
There is no good evidence that bioresonance is effective for drug or alcohol dependency (and even thousands of testimonials do not amount to evidence.........Claiming otherwise is, in my view, highly irresponsible. If I then consider the fees Castle Treatments charge (Alcohol Support: Detox 1: £2,655.00, Detox 2: £3,245.00, Detox 3: £3,835.00) I feel disgusted and angry.
http://edzardernst.com/2017/03/bioreson ... it-doesnt/

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Re: Edzard Ernst comments on "Castle Treatments".

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One of the red flags for a particular non-mainstream treatment being potentially dodgy is that it is claimed to treat many disparate conditions. Apart from the addictions listed it is also claimed to be able to diagnose and treat all sorts of allergies and sensitivities - and canine leismaniasis
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