"The Ethics of CAM: More Harm than Good?"

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"The Ethics of CAM: More Harm than Good?"

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Dr Harriet Hall reviews a new book by Edzard Ernst, who has teamed up with a medical ethicist, Kevin Smith, to co-author a new book, More Harm than Good? The Moral Maze of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

An interesting review, of course. The book asks if CAM is ethical, and answers with a resounding “No.”
Conclusion: CAM is unethical

Ernst and Smith make a strong case that CAM is unethical, that it does more harm than good. Ethicists should be convinced. CAM practitioners and patients will not be, because their belief systems preclude an unbiased, rational scientific assessment. They will object as Ernst and Smith have predicted, but their objections have already been handily refuted. This book is well organized and well thought out. It was written to inform, not to entertain. It is not an easy or “fun” read, but it’s an important one.
I expect I'll try to get hold of a copy in the next month or so.

https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/the-et ... than-good/

And just ordered it, avoiding Amazon. https://wordery.com/more-harm-than-good ... ZDQ5ZjA%3D

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