on my FB newsfeed today...

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on my FB newsfeed today...

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Portishead Spiritualists last meeting at The Children's Centre, West Hill, on Wednesday 30th August will now be with Medium Sharon Bird as Darcey Butler has cancelled for the foreseeable future. The meeting starts at 7.30pm through until 9pm and cost £4 at the door, net proceeds going to charity as always. Free tea, coffee, biscuits and sometimes homemade cakes afterwards. From 6th September onwards we are back at Brampton Way Playgroup Hall and the first meeting will be with Lorraine Lane.
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Re: on my FB newsfeed today...

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Makes me wonder whether there are Large and Small Sharon Birds available as well... :gmc

Reminds me of the day many years ago when a "Psychics Conference" was held in Manchester. There were notices all over the city telling people how to get there. Why? :con

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