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Post by chaggle » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:58 am

Bones and Raw Food in case you were wondering.

...or maybe not...


Anyway I've always thought it was faddy - a manifestation of the 'natural is best' fallacy.

The Guardian has an article outlining the problems with parasites and baceria ... -pathogens
A growing trend has seen pet owners plump for products such as meat, bones and organs which can be bought frozen and then thawed before being fed to dogs and cats.

Among the ideas fuelling the movement is that these diets are more “natural” for pets, avoid problems of additives or contamination in processed food, and can help to tackle issues like skin problems and allergies.

But researchers have pushed back, saying there is no evidence of such health benefits and that raw meat diets can cause dental and gut injuries as well as growth problems in pets – the latter a result of a deficiency in certain nutrients, a particular issue with home-prepared raw meat diets.
I've got a good friend who feeds this way and I'm tempted to send him a link to the article - but for him it's a 'belief' so there's a chance we could fall out over it - so I won't.

Shame the vet who joined a little while ago isn't still around.
Don't blame me - I voted remain :con

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